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A Whole New World of Pet Therapy with a Pawsitive Touch

My 9-yr-old cat, Blue, has chronic, painful hips. It started about 6 months ago when she stopped being able to jump up on the bed. She was a little more vocal when being picked up, and didn’t want to play with her housemates. We brought her in to see our vet, and after doing x-rays, found some rough aging changes in her hips that were pretty ‘ouchy’. We started supplements, pain medication, and cold-laser therapy, which helped a bit. She was definitely more comfortable, but hated the cold laser. And trust me, when your cat doesn’t like something (even though it helps), everyone knows about it. Then we found Dana. [Read more…]

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Are You Prepared with a Pet Emergency Kit?

Most pet owners answer this question “no, do I need one?” The answer is a resounding yes! You never think a disaster could happen to you, but the reality is that most of us will face a disaster or emergency in our lives, and we want to have a plan (and emergency kit) in place for our beloved pets as well.

woah [Read more…]

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How Your Pup Can Save Lives By Being A Blood Donor!

If you’ve never had to face the horror of your dog needing a blood transfusion, you may never have given a second thought to canine blood banks and being a blood donor. They are relatively new programs, proof of the advances in veterinary medical care that can enable vets to keep your dog alive despite some pretty tough odds. [Read more…]

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5 Treats For Your Furry Sweet Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably thinking of romance, stars, perforated paper bunny cards, too-hot cinnamon hearts and the various secret admirers you are sure to have doting on you with a treat or two.

Or perhaps you are thinking, “Ugh, I’d rather cuddle with my puppy.” For the not-so-romantic folks out there, a dog won’t look hopefully, then desperately, and finally disdainfully into your eyes when the evening doesn’t end in a gondola ride, 5-star restaurant and a romantic marriage proposal. Won’t happen. Prolonged eye contact totally freaks dogs out.  [Read more…]

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Pet Friendly Senior Assisted Living Communities In North Denver

Research has proven over and over the importance of pets in people’s lives. Interacting with pets relaxes us, makes us feel connected, and even provides health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, lowering stress, and promoting mental health. As we age, we can still benefit from that companionship. Despite these positive benefits,  a dilemma is occurring—what happens to beloved pets when their owners move to assisted living communities? [Read more…]

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