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Dog Walker Secrets: It’s all on the Belt! The Top 8 Items to Carry

I love being a professional dog walker because it wonderfully melds my passion with the more practical need to have enough exercise and stay healthy. Knowing that I’m helping families provide that to their pets is also incredibly satisfying. As much fun as it is, it’s also very important to plan ahead and be prepared for most situations that may pop up!
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Recognizing Signs of Fear in Your Dog

Almost 90% of owners will say that their pet has some sort of behavioral problem. This can range from the “reactive”or “cranky” to “dominant” pets. There is a behavior or “personality quirk” that’s not ideal, but it’s something that the pet’s family lives with because…well, why not? It’s not a big deal. He’s just “cranky” or “certain things set him off”. But what if you can notice signs of discomfort before that happens? What if Fido is acting out because he’s scared? Can you recognize the early signs of fear? [Read more…]

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Pet Sitter Secrets: It’s All in the Trunk!

Being a professional pet sitter is a wonderfully satisfying job. You also learn quickly that being prepared keeps you ahead of the game if anything doesn’t go as planned! So how does a professional pet sitter do that when she’s on the road all the time? It’s all in the trunk. [Read more…]

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Fear Free Means Happy Paws: 4 Simple Ways to Help Our Pets with Stress

Science can measure stress and its effect on the health and well-being of our pets. Both short-lived and chronic stress can impact their health, healing process, and lifespan. Fear Freesm ideas help lower our pet’s level of anxiety, which results in a happier pet and a safer environment for treatment (both at the vet clinic and at home). [Read more…]

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ARCC: FIRST Pet Care Service with a Fear Free Certified Professional!

We are very excited to announce that ARCC Owner Alex Dundon is a Fear Free Certified Professional! This means that ARCC is the first professional pet care service (outside of veterinary clinics) in the country to have those credentials. We are excited to begin incorporating this wonderful initiative to our service, especially for our special needs and medical needs clients!

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