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Keeping an Eye On At Home: The Scout 66 Pet Video Camera

As a pet owner and professional pet sitter, I always want to make sure the pets in my care are safe and comfortable. When I was given the opportunity to try out this cool new  high-tech pet video camera, I jumped at the chance! I may not be the most techie-oriented person, but I can definitely appreciate having an extra eye on at home. [Read more…]

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Help Your Pet Enjoy the 4th of July as Much as You Do!

Most people really love the 4th of July; it’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and officially kick off our summer and enjoy some fireworks. Please be aware, however, that your pets will not be enjoying most of these festivities! The 4th of July weekend is when the MOST pets go missing and/or never return home; an increase of almost 30%. So as you’re planning your celebration, look towards your pet’s safety as well!

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