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5 Reasons Why Your Pet Shouldn’t Have a Beer With You This Holiday

I get many questions regarding what someone’s pet should and shouldn’t have, ranging from foods to medications. And although many answers include “in moderation”, there are quite a few that are a sweet, simple, emphatic, NO. This is one of those answers! Not just because it can make them sick, but because alcohol poisoning can kill your pet. Here’s why: [Read more…]

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Fear Free Means Happy Paws: Tips for a Stress Free Nail Trim

As a veterinary technician in a general practice, I’ve had many clients each week ask for help with a quick “puppy/kitty pedicure”. Some weren’t sure how to do a nail trim themselves, others simply preferred a steadier hand. And there were a few families who would say “he goes absolutely crazy when I touch his feet!” or “she’s terrified of it, every time I bring out the clippers, she cowers and runs!”

So there I am holding Pup’s leash, while Mom or Dad walks through all the ways that he hates having his nails trimmed. “But, you’ll be able to get them shorter, right?” Sorry, but unfortunately not (at least without sedation). Here’s why:

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5 Tips to Master the Dog Park

The Dog Park.

Ah, mixed feelings. A lot of us do have mixed feelings about taking our dogs to the dog park, and that’s quite normal. Some have had great experiences, others bad, and for most of us fellow dog park goers, we’ve had both.

We have 5 tips for pet parents to help you and your pup make the most out of your trips to the dog park and hopefully help to keep the not-so-good experiences to a minimum. [Read more…]

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Recognizing Signs of Stress & Fear in Your Cat

Stressed out cats are more likely to struggle and become aggressive.  Aggressive cats (9 times out of 10) are not truly “aggressive” as much as they are strongly reacting to their fears. Even at home, certain changes and unknown elements can lead our kitties to becoming more stressed and anxious. Chronic stress can also lead to health issues (we all know that), and some kitties may be more sensitive than others. For all of us cat lovers, we definitely understand that a happy cat means a happy house. I’m sure you can recognize an angry or very scared cat, but can you recognize the early signs of feline stress? And if so, what can you do to help them adjust and keep them from getting to the tipping point? [Read more…]

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My Dog Has Diarrhea: 3 Steps to Help Settle Their Stomach

Ugh. If you have a dog, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with varying degrees of diarrhea. We even have a special name for it in my house: “poop carpet”. (Hey, when you have 4 dogs there has to be some humor in it!)
It’s no fun for anyone to have an upset stomach and there are some ways to help your pup rest a little more comfortably until they aren’t racing for the door to go outside. [Read more…]

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