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It’s Not About the Money: Why a Good Pet Sitter Requires a Visit Every Day

“My cat doesn’t need someone to visit every day. Every 2-3 days will work, just top off his food bowl and water him.” “My dog has a doggy door and an autofeeder, so I need someone to check in every other day or so.”

I take a deep breath, and count to 3. “We have a policy to do a minimum of 1 visit every day for all of our families….” Client interrupts, “What’s the point? He’s perfectly fine without it, he’s done it before! All of you sitters just want to squeeze out what you can from people.” FREEZE HERE. [Read more…]

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Fear Free Means Happy Paws: The Magical Music Box Called Pet Tunes

When I became Fear Free Certified earlier this year, I searched for the best tools to bring on board with me. These would help promote the goal of stress and fear-free interactions for all of my special needs and medical needs clients. Although we have quite a few great items in our toolbox, the Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker (I like to call it my “magical music box”) is one of my favorites!

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How To Stop Your Senior Cat From Scratching Furniture

Adopting my wonderful senior cat, Pickles, is one of the best things I’ve ever done. She’s sweet and gentle, and she fit in with my other cats very quickly. [Read more…]

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WARNING: “Dog Friendly” Over-the-Counter Medications

This is a warning surrounding a popular image that has recently been circulating Facebook recommending medications that are “safe” for pets. Believe me, you are not doing your pet any favors by medicating them at home with over the counter drugs. Here is why this misinformation is dangerous: [Read more…]

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