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Don’t Pass on That Mass: Top 5 Pet Lumps & Bumps

We’ve all been there. Happily watching Die Hard (the original is always the best) on the couch with a glass of wine in one hand, and the other on your pup (cuddling by your side). As you’re scratching around, you notice a weird bump under his skin. Wait.. what? How long has THAT been there? Maybe it’s the only one, or maybe you notice a second or third. Your brain is going a mile a minute; “well, THAT wasn’t there before”, “is it serious?”, “could it be cancer?”

There are a number of reasons for lumps and bumps on your pet (some not serious at all, and others more worrisome), but the only way to find out is to chat with the Doc! And don’t worry about “going in for something small”. Lumps are among the top 10 reasons why owners head to the vet. They’ve seen ’em all. [Read more…]

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Pet First Aid 101: 5 Basic Emergency Procedures

Although first aid is not a replacement for going to your veterinarian, it can mean the difference between life or death for your pet. If you must administer first aid, always follow through immediately with veterinary care.

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