5 Sweet Pet Safety Tips for Your Furry Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably thinking of romance, stars, perforated paper bunny cards, and chocolate cake (you know I am).

Or perhaps you are thinking, “Ugh, I’d rather cuddle with my puppy.” For the not-so-romantic folks out there, a dog won’t look hopefully, then desperately, and finally disdainfully into your eyes when the evening doesn’t end in a gondola ride, 5-star restaurant and a romantic marriage proposal. Won’t happen. Prolonged eye contact totally freaks dogs out. 

The last thing you want, however, is an emergency trip to the vet because Fido got into something he shouldn’t. There are a couple new things that pop up around this holiday that you definitely don’t want your furry valentine getting into:

Candy & Chocolate

Most candy have a sweetener called xylitol that is toxic for pets. Even small amounts of xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar and subsequent loss of coordination and seizures. And while xylitol toxicity in cats is unknown, it’s better to be safe than sorry. All forms of chocolate — especially baking or dark chocolate — can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs and cats. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures.


Curious pets can get into tape, ribbon, string and wrapping paper. Watch out for possible choking hazards or even an obstruction!


There are a number of poisonous plants, so be careful about your bouquet! Lilies are especially toxic for cats, and roses can cause cuts.


Never leave candles or a fire unattended with pets. You don’t want your romantic dinner turning into a fire hazard and ER visit!


Alcohol is very toxic to pets, and can cause liver damage, coma and death! Clean up spills right away.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these important reminders! Nothing ruins the enjoyment of a holiday quicker than an accident.

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