Fear Free Means Happy Paws: The Magical Music Box Called Pet Tunes

When I became Fear Free Certified earlier this year, I searched for the best tools to bring on board with me. These would help promote the goal of stress and fear-free interactions for all of my special needs and medical needs clients. Although we have quite a few great items in our toolbox, the Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker (I like to call it my “magical music box”) is one of my favorites!

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Keeping an Eye On At Home: The Scout 66 Pet Video Camera

As a pet owner and professional pet sitter, I always want to make sure the pets in my care are safe and comfortable. When I was given the opportunity to try out this cool new  high-tech pet video camera, I jumped at the chance! I may not be the most techie-oriented person, but I can definitely appreciate having an extra eye on at home. [Read more…]

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