Keeping an Eye On At Home: The Scout 66 Pet Video Camera

As a pet owner and professional pet sitter, I always want to make sure the pets in my care are safe and comfortable. When I was given the opportunity to try out this cool new  high-tech pet video camera, I jumped at the chance! I may not be the most techie-oriented person, but I can definitely appreciate having an extra eye on at home.

The Set-Up

As I mentioned above, I am not a techie person so I was a little worried about the initial set up. Good thing for me, the directions for the Motorola Scout 66 were pretty simple: Plug in, aim, download your app and follow more directions. Easy enough! Once I downloaded the main Hubble app, it walked me through the rest of the process (with pictures!). I love an app that spells everything out for you. First the camera needed to be connected to the app, then the Wifi. Once we were in place, I was all set to go!

Having a Pet Video Camera in the House

I didn’t realize what I was missing until I had 2016-07-09 13.07.08-1the opportunity to check in on my cats (or clients) whenever I wanted. For pet owners out there, it’s a great way to help have a little more peace of mind (even with the well-behaved furry children). For pet care professionals, the wide-screen view is also a wonderful way to check in on clients! As a pet care professional for special needs and medical needs pets, we work with clients that have seizures, trouble getting up and a number of other issues. With the parents’ permission, I was able to set up this camera in my clients’ homes and do check-ins in between my other walks and visits.

2-Way Communication

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this feature, especially with my own cats. First, you are able to turn the sound from the camera on and off. For the 2-way feature to work, have it set to ‘on’. Then you can hit the microphone button to speak through the camera into the room! The best advice I have, however, is make sure that your camera is in a safe spot (or anchored down), because if your cats are anything like mine, they will investigate and decide that they enjoy this new ‘toy’ as well!

Motion Sensor and Video Recordings

With this setting, active times are recorded and can be saved to the Cloud. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor from low to high. When the pet video camera picks up movement, it will record a short video and then send you a notification. You can view at that time, save for later, save to Dropbox if your kitten was doing something extra cute, or delete.

Take Pictures!


Need I say more?

Night Vision

I would love to see that well in the dark!

I would love to see that well in the dark!

Other Cool Perks of the Scout 66 Pet Video Camera:
  • Plays a choice of 5 melodies (All calming/classical melodies. I would LOVE an option to connect with Pandora or Youtube for other music options!)
  • Temperature sensor (Great way to know that the AC is working properly in 100+ degree summer weather!

Great Reasons Why Pet Care Professionals & Pet Owners Should Have a Pet Video Camera at Home:

  1. Boxer who loves to counter surf for choice tidbits: Motion sensor, phone notification, and a quick “No!” from you will definitely surprise him.
  2. Schnauzer with a seizure disorder: Motion sensor, phone notifications, useful night vision and random check-ins help us catch things in between visits.
  3. Kitty who is getting stressed and hiding from the storm: Calming melodies can help distract.
  4. Pet Parent who wants to feel better about leaving puppy alone: Watch him play and nap in bed.

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Scout66 Pet Video Camera

We did receive our own Scout 66 Pet Video Camera in exchange for our review, and continue to enjoy it!

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  1. Charles Kemp says:

    This would be a good idea if you had a pet that liked to get into all sorts of mischief. I think it would actually be helpful and you could make sure that the dog was not ruining the house. The two-way communication is nice because then you could make sure that they hear you and that might get them to stop whatever they are doing.

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