ARCC Hosts a Hungry Bowl™ Pet Food Drive!

Local Pet Food Drive to Benefit Homeless Pets of the Adams County Animal Shelter

As part of an international effort spearheaded by Pet Sitters International (PSI), the largest educational association for professional pet sitters, the Hungry Bowl™ Pet Food Drive was created to collect pet food for local shelters and pet-rescue groups across the globe. Animal shelters and pet-rescue organizations across the country are in dire need, and it’s up to us to help! [Read more…]

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Take Your Walk For a Dog & Save A Life!

Walking your dog is a great way to bond, enjoy the outdoors, and get some good exercise. But what if you could also be actively donating to your favorite animal shelter or rescue while you’re jogging around the block? By downloading this revolutionary dog-powered app, you could be saving a life every time you walk out your front door!

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Financial Options for Quality Veterinary Care: Pet Insurance & Other Resources

As an Emergency Veterinary Technician, I found myself in many different situations when working with clients and their pets. All too often I saw clients shocked by the expense of an unexpected illness, and patients who didn’t receive the medical care they needed. Sometimes these visits can reach upwards to $1,000-$2,000, or even more depending on the type of procedure that is recommended.  Proper planning (yes, it’s on you!) can make a huge difference financially for these accidents or unexpected illnesses. This article touches on pet insurance, as well as other resources and organizations that provide financial assistance.  [Read more…]

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