It’s Not About the Money: Why a Good Pet Sitter Requires a Visit Every Day

“My cat doesn’t need someone to visit every day. Every 2-3 days will work, just top off his food bowl and water him.” “My dog has a doggy door and an autofeeder, so I need someone to check in every other day or so.”

I take a deep breath, and count to 3. “We have a policy to do a minimum of 1 visit every day for all of our families….” Client interrupts, “What’s the point? He’s perfectly fine without it, he’s done it before! All of you sitters just want to squeeze out what you can from people.” FREEZE HERE.

We don’t get these calls often, but we do get them occasionally. And believe me, I understand the frustration if it truly is financial constraint. But you called us, and as professionals we’re not going to walk into a situation that will create not only a liability for us, but a potential disaster for you.

Good Pet Sitters Require a Visit Every Day

Why 1 Visit a Day is Best for Your Pet:

  • I’ve already written a good article on our reasons for a minimum of 1 visit a day for cat families, where I talk about certain important health problems, hazards, litterbox problems, and special needs. You can find that HERE
  • Your fire alarm or carbon monoxide battery decided to die right after you boarded your plane. Would you want that shrieking in your (sensitive) ears for 48+ hours?
  • Your dog has arthritis and can’t get up. Not for food, water, or to go through his doggy door to pee (which he does on himself, and can’t help but sleep in it).
  • Any 3rd party (landlord, friend, etc.) entered your home (even with your permission), and doesn’t realize Kitty followed them into a bedroom before leaving and closing the door. That room doesn’t have food, water, or a box (read above article).
  • Pet pushed passed a door that wasn’t closed all the way and ends up locked in.
  • Fido accidentally pulled the lamp cord as he was walking by the table. Lamp is on a timer (is “on”), and fell so that the bulb is resting on the paper lampshade. Can we all say “Fire Hazard” together?
  • Broken AC or heat. Have we discussed how easily pets can overheat?

1 Visit a Day May SAVE You $$$

As you read through this list, consider the potential cost to you and your home insurance if this happens without anyone there:

  • Your toilet didn’t flush properly when you used it before you left the house. 2 days later, your bathroom, hallway, and nearby bedrooms are flooded.
  • You forgot to lock the back door before leaving. Or better yet, a 3rd party came in and forgot. Even without any pets, that’s an easy burglary waiting to happen.
  • Your teenager leaves the stove top on after making lunch and leaves.
  • Power outage- No one to pack up and try to salvage fridge/freezer contents.
  • Broken AC or Furnace leads to a small electrical fire.
  • Mail isn’t picked up, or all lights stay off around the clock. This makes it clear no one is home.
  • Broken or unplugged pump leads to downstairs flooding.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

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  1. Great article, I shared it on my page. Thanks!

  2. Vicky Blackwell says:

    Nice article! Thank you!

  3. I have that same rule for cat visits. I require at least one visit per day. The one time I let it slip because the client insisted on one visit every other day, I had major problems. The cats shredded up a bunch of plastic bags, tore open a cat food bag and spreading the food all over, and knocked down the curtains (and tore them).
    The cats could have been injured badly since the house was basically trashed, but they turned out to be okay. This made me realize how important it was for me to stick to my rule of one or more visits per day.

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