Fear Free Means Happy Paws: Car Travel for the Anxious Pet!

It doesn’t matter how positive or happy your pet’s destination may be if they are afraid of how you get there. You can have the best Fear Free vet in the world, but if Fido is stressed out in the car, it will take work to bring him back to his “happy place”. Here are some great tips for setting the stage for happy traveling!

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Recognizing Signs of Stress & Fear in Your Cat

Stressed out cats are more likely to struggle and become aggressive.  Aggressive cats (9 times out of 10) are not truly “aggressive” as much as they are strongly reacting to their fears. Even at home, certain changes and unknown elements can lead our kitties to becoming more stressed and anxious. Chronic stress can also lead to health issues (we all know that), and some kitties may be more sensitive than others. For all of us cat lovers, we definitely understand that a happy cat means a happy house. I’m sure you can recognize an angry or very scared cat, but can you recognize the early signs of feline stress? And if so, what can you do to help them adjust and keep them from getting to the tipping point? [Read more…]

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Recognizing Signs of Fear in Your Dog

Almost 90% of owners will say that their pet has some sort of behavioral problem. This can range from the “reactive”or “cranky” to “dominant” pets. There is a behavior or “personality quirk” that’s not ideal, but it’s something that the pet’s family lives with because…well, why not? It’s not a big deal. He’s just “cranky” or “certain things set him off”. But what if you can notice signs of discomfort before that happens? What if Fido is acting out because he’s scared? Can you recognize the early signs of fear? [Read more…]

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