It’s Not About the Money: Why a Good Pet Sitter Requires a Visit Every Day

“My cat doesn’t need someone to visit every day. Every 2-3 days will work, just top off his food bowl and water him.” “My dog has a doggy door and an autofeeder, so I need someone to check in every other day or so.”

I take a deep breath, and count to 3. “We have a policy to do a minimum of 1 visit every day for all of our families….” Client interrupts, “What’s the point? He’s perfectly fine without it, he’s done it before! All of you sitters just want to squeeze out what you can from people.” FREEZE HERE. [Read more…]

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How a Professional Pet Sitter Safeguards a Client’s Home and Personal Information

At the top of a professional pet sitter’s priority list is ensuring the security of our client’s homes and personal information.  We take the utmost precautions from the time that we input your information into our online database, until we have completed our visits to your home.  We know that relying on someone to care for your pets and your home can be a challenge for most people, and a professional pet sitter’s goal is to eliminate this concern as much as possible by building a trusting relationship with each of our clients.

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Our Pet Sitting Policy on Job Sharing and Why We Enforce It

We are professional pet sitters and have made the job we love into a career. We pride ourselves on the services we provide while caring for your pets and your home while you’re away. We do things to make your home look lived-in, like bringing in the mail and alternating lights, while also keeping up with the little things that make your home look as good as the way you left it. We’re quite happy sweeping up bits of kitty litter or excess fur that might accumulate while you’re away, or wiping up muddy paw prints after playtime. [Read more…]

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Pet Sitting Safety & Our ARCC Disaster Plan

As all pet sitters across the US are dealing with a rough winter season, I am reminded of how important it is to have a disaster plan, and how valuable being prepared can be! Not only is it a must-have for any mobile business, but having an emergency plan in place for your family can make what could be a scary and dangerous experience into one that you are prepared for and can handle with little difficulty. We may not be fans of Murphy’s Law, but we certainly are believers, and our ARCC Disaster Plan has a good foundation to build on, emphasizing pet sitter and pet safety! [Read more…]

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