5 Treats For Your Furry Sweet Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re probably thinking of romance, stars, perforated paper bunny cards, too-hot cinnamon hearts and the various secret admirers you are sure to have doting on you with a treat or two.

Or perhaps you are thinking, “Ugh, I’d rather cuddle with my puppy.” For the not-so-romantic folks out there, a dog won’t look hopefully, then desperately, and finally disdainfully into your eyes when the evening doesn’t end in a gondola ride, 5-star restaurant and a romantic marriage proposal. Won’t happen. Prolonged eye contact totally freaks dogs out.  [Read more…]

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Top 7 Romantic Getaways Around Denver

Colorado offers romantic, gorgeous and unique properties (from hot springs to tree house, to castle) all within driving distance from Denver. From Estes Park to Evergreen and Colorado Springs, there are a variety of lovely havens where you can spend a quality weekend with your significant other. All of these choices have Honeymoon and Romantic Getaway Packages to enjoy, so get planning! 

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