5 Reasons Why Your Pet Shouldn’t Have a Beer With You This Holiday

I get many questions regarding what someone’s pet should and shouldn’t have, ranging from foods to medications. And although many answers include “in moderation”, there are quite a few that are a sweet, simple, emphatic, NO. This is one of those answers! Not just because it can make them sick, but because alcohol poisoning can kill your pet. Here’s why: [Read more…]

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3 Tips For A Purrfectly Safe Thanksgiving For Your Pet!

Family is coming to visit, recipe books are coming out, and plans are in motion for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Ovens are working overtime and delicious holiday smells fill the air. During this happy time of family, food and giving, people tend to become overly generous with their pets. There are so many chances for your dog or cat to eat something that can make them feel pretty bad or even cause more harm. Here are some great tips to remember and share with your guests to help keep your pet safe and happy during the upcoming holidays!

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