The Kitty Review: Honest Kitchen Gastrointestinal Supplement

As with every kitty parent, I’ve dealt with hairball messes and the more-than-occasional upchucks from my cats. If one isn’t getting into something he shouldn’t, then another is stressed about something else. Blue, my oldest kitty, is on several medications and tends to have a hard time keeping her food down consistently (moreso as she gets older). I am cautious about adding yet more medication to her regimen, and was excited to get the opportunity to try a more natural supplement for her GI health. 

Honest Kitchen one of the more natural foods that I like (you can see more great diets & research HERE). Although my two younger boys have eaten their reconstituted diets, Blue was especially picky. I was hoping that this supplement (also meant to be reconstituted) wouldn’t be as much as a problem because it would be a smaller amount added to her food. So, I crossed my fingers!

Product Rundown:

  • Active ingredients per 1 tsp: A proprietary blend that includes papaya leaf, plantain leaf, slippery elm, pumpkin seed, pectin, papain and fennel: 3 g.
  • 100% human grade with minimally processed dehydrated whole food ingredients.
  • Inactive ingredients? None.
  • No added salt, sugar, by-products, preservatives, or chemicals.
  • Per the product description: Combats gas, facilitates regularity, firms up loose stools, soothes and protects the GI tract. Helpful for dogs with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD, and colitis. Also good for the occasional digestive upset caused by stress, transitioning to a new diet, or dietary indiscretion.

What Did Blue Think?

As advised on the back, Blue got a 1/4 tsp twice daily (she already gets water in her food, so I just mixed it in). Once it was mixed in, I added the rest of her “food mix” (some kibble, wet food and medication). She didn’t notice a thing, and ate her meal like a champ!

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After 2 weeks with this supplement, she has not yet been off her food. Her intermittent vomiting episodes pop up further and further apart, and it has been one full week since she last had a problem! Her litter box habits also remained consistent (no diarrhea). Considering that I’m doing a less cleaning and she feels a little better, we’re calling this supplement a win-win!

I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review. #ChewyInfluencer

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