5 DIY Cat Toy Ideas for a Happy Cat

Sometimes we simply don’t want to pay a fortune for the new novelty cat toy. If your kitty is anything like mine, they’d probably enjoy the cardboard box that cat toy came in more than the toy itself! If you’re even the tiniest bit handy, there are a ton of fun cat toy ideas that you can make yourself without breaking the bank.

1. Magic Cat Wand

I like this one because it’s fairly simple and you can snazz it up or change the toy from fluffy to feather. You can also just create the fluff balls and leave them in catnip containers overnight before dishing them out. THAT’S a fun time!

Magic Cat Wand

2. Hanging Cat Scratcher

If your Kitty is anything like mine, they really like sofa legs and upright scratching posts. An easy (and cute!) option is a hanging scratcher that can go on a wall or door knob:

Hanging Cat Scratcher

3. Wine Cork Cat Toy

I’ve got a LOT of these wandering around the house already, so I know they’re a hit… here are great ways to make them even more interesting! Now to search under my couch for supplies…

Wine Cork Cat Toy


  • Wine corks
  • Paper clip
  • Pipe cleaners and/or feathers
  • Epoxy glue


  1. Use a paper clip to poke a hole at one end of the cork. Make sure the hole is at least a half-inch deep.
  2. Twirl the pipe cleaners into various coils and other open-ended shapes.
  3. Insert the pipe cleaner into one end of the cork. Seal with glue.
  4. To create a feathered cork toy, simply stick the end into the cork hole. Seal with glue.

4. T-Shirt Tent

Sweet and simple. I don’t know any kitty who wouldn’t want to dive in and out of one of these! Also easy to personalize. You can add extra blankets or cushions inside:

T-Shirt Tent

5. A-Frame Cat Tree

This is the ultimate weekend project.

A-Frame Cat Tree

It’s OK to not want to do it yourself

Here are some of our favorite products:

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