May the 4th be with you- Tips for a Happy Ewok

The Ewoks are furred bipeds native to the moon of Endor, but have recently migrated to the Redwood National Forest of California. For those lucky few able to open their homes to one, here is a little more information on how to keep your Ewok happy and healthy. Continue reading “May the 4th be with you- Tips for a Happy Ewok”

5 Reasons Why Your Pet Shouldn’t Have a Beer

I get many questions regarding what someone’s pet should and shouldn’t have, ranging from foods to medications. And although many answers include “in moderation”, there are quite a few that are a sweet, simple, emphatic, “NO”. This is one of those answers! Not just because it can make them sick, but because alcohol poisoning can kill your pet. Here’s why: Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your Pet Shouldn’t Have a Beer”

5 Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

It’s getting hotter out there, and you know what that means! More sunshine, more swimming, more sand, snowcones and surf. With the hotter temperatures, it’s inevitable that you and your pup will be spending more time outside. Here are some wonderful tips to make sure you play safe! Continue reading “5 Tips for the Dog Days of Summer”

Special Needs: Caring for Your Pet’s Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease we are all too familiar with. It’s so prevalent in people that most of us know at least one person who is dealing with this illness. What some people may not be aware of is that it is very common in animal medicine as well. Continue reading “Special Needs: Caring for Your Pet’s Diabetes”

4 Ways to Help Our Pets with Stress

Science can measure stress and its effect on the health and well-being of our pets. Both short-lived and chronic stress can impact their health, healing process, and lifespan. Fear Free ideas help lower our pet’s level of anxiety, which results in a happier pet and a safer environment for treatment (both at the vet clinic and at home). Continue reading “4 Ways to Help Our Pets with Stress”

3 Top Medical Issues that Pretend to be House Training Problems

Being a new puppy owner can be such a wonderful experience. Your puppy is exploring, and being adorably awkward. And naughty… adorably naughty. You’re learning all the ins-and-outs of puppy training, nutrition, and veterinary care. House training is definitely on top of that list! Continue reading “3 Top Medical Issues that Pretend to be House Training Problems”

5 DIY Cat Toy Ideas for a Happy Cat

Sometimes we simply don’t want to pay a fortune for the new novelty cat toy. If your kitty is anything like mine, they’d probably enjoy the cardboard box that cat toy came in more than the toy itself! If you’re even the tiniest bit handy, there are a ton of fun cat toy ideas that you can make yourself without breaking the bank. Continue reading “5 DIY Cat Toy Ideas for a Happy Cat”